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Why Multiple Intelligences Nursery?

The children have different preferences in terms for how they learn and respond to learning situations; thus, they are different in their preferences for learning strategies. Multiple intelligences preschool is designed as a fertile setting based on eight types of intelligence that stimulate children to acquire information in several ways and means. Moreover, we believe that the child may have interpersonal skills (social intelligence), while another child may have arithmetic reasoning (mathematical intelligence). Actually, these tendencies don’t appear suddenly; but rather, they appear through situations and activities the children go through and involve these forms of intelligence.

What is the difference between normal and multiple intelligence?

The normal intelligence is the sending and receiving of information with the aim of indoctrination depending on the memory (classical school), while the multiple intelligence is the preparation for and employment of intellectual abilities and talents for the purpose of launching the better things that children have and explore excellence points.

Child's journey in the world of intelligence

Child's journey in the world of intelligence is an expressive logo of child's sailing with his mind and his body in his preferred places so as to apply entertainment activities from his own perspective,which are both innovative in style and creative in results.

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About IQ Kids Nursery

content_img_1We are the essence of expertise melted down to form the first nursery in the state which applies the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and provides care model as well as academic and social development for future children.
The foundations of our approach are based on Secupedagojah philosophy which depends on developing skills relating to smart patterns.
The nursery was designed internally and externally by experienced experts in order to create adequate physical conditions for the world of childhood.