Baniyas Branch

At the beginning Miss Yasmine Mar'i, the Executive Director of the nursery, adopted the theory of multiple intelligences of the American the psychologist Howard Gardner in collaboration with Miss Marwa Al- Fares. The inauguration of the first branch in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Baniyas City), in line with the educational thought and the rapid development we are witnessing today, was aimed at providing high quality educational services. Quality is also characterized by the adoption of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinvestment and development of human energies in order to create a generation capable of keeping bound with this development and deal with it in creative ways through the selection of the theory of multiple intelligences and adoption within the classroom. The philosophy of the theory is about giving every child the right to learn and develop his skills in a way that suits him to rise to the highest standards of educational quality, integrating theory into the educational approach. The IQ Nursery Building features modern classrooms that meet the requirements of early childhood, with games, recreational, educational and sports activities supporting the theory of multiple intelligences. There is also a large green garden with all the kinetic, recreational and educational games to support the nursery activities. The nursery building meets the security and safety conditions. It has all the licenses approved for practicing nursery activities in addition to the ISO certificate of quality, security and safety.