Our Adopted Approach

The IQ Kids Nursery adopts a British approach pursuing the theory of multiple intelligences by which it puts a specific and well-established standards for teaching children and for developing their potential and take care of them in the period between 3 months to 4 years. The owner of this theory is the American psychologist Howard Gardner, The importance of this theory is manifested in showing the individual differences between children, as it can distinguish between children who have an extraordinary ability of elicitation and conclusion, another segment who are adept at linguistic analysis, and another segment showing their skills in communicating with others, and so on , The multiple intelligences theory is considered one of the most important psychological and contemporary educational theories , This theory has emerged from the modern cognitive research which showed that children are different in their minds and they learn , remember and understand in different ways ; what distinguishes IQ Kids Nursery is that it provides the information to the child ,and makes him able to know the world with eight different ways :

- The social intelligence

manifests in the child's ability to feel others and have good relations with them as the learning activities depend on imitation , friends ,party games ,sharing ,playing roles and visits.

The acquired objectives
  • Making friends easily
  • Feeling others
  • Achieving group activities
  • Helping others

Confirming social skill :

Interaction+ cooperation+ sharing

- Self meditative intelligence

manifests in the child's ability of knowing himself and acting upon that in addition knowing his points of strength and weakness. The learning activities depend on self projects +profound planning +giving options + making goals.

The acquired objectives
  • Self understanding
  • Self - esteem
  • Define his wishes

Confirming self skill :

Meditation+ making decision +self precognition

- Lingual intelligence

Manifests in the child's ability of expressing ,vocabulary ,meanings ,words.The learning activities depend on discussion +dialogues +recording +narration

The acquired objectives
  • Speaking
  • Expression
  • Dialogue

Confirming lingual skill :

Rising lingual credit.

- Musical intelligence

manifests in the child's ability of comprehending musical formats, tone ,melody, rhythm.The learning objectives depend on singing songs and educational odes +playing musical instruments like drums ,flute and piano.

The acquired objectives
  • Repeating
  • Singing
  • Listening
  • Rhythm

Confirming musical skill :

Using musical sense in education.

- Mathematical intelligence

manifests in the child's ability of mathematical inference as the learning activities depend on counting+ classification +accordance +deduction +cross numbers+ experiments +measuring+ digital games+ defining quantity.

The acquired objectives
  • Brainstorming
  • Clear thinking
  • Giving value

Confirming mathematical skill :

Effective use of numbers.

- Natural intelligence

Manifests in the child's ability of discrimination of different kinds of animals ,plants ,forests .Natural phenomena as mountains ,seas ,deserts .And astronomical phenomena like The learning activities depend on trips ,tours, experiments and perspectives

The acquired objectives
  • Following up phenomena
  • Studying nature

Confirming natural skill :

Being with livings(animal+ Plant) Environmental awareness Earth preservation.

- spatial visual intelligence

Manifests in the child`s ability of comprehension of spatial visual worldThe learning objectives depend on handwriting ,forms,colors discrimination ,Ideation ,maps ,visual tricks ,movies and imaginary games.

The acquired objectives
  • Mental planning
  • Things cognition
  • Things observation

Confirming visual skill :

Having mental map.

- Kinetic Intelligence

Manifests in the child's ability of using his body as the learning activities depend on building sports things, physical games ,hand learning, touch activities, physical sports, relaxation.

The acquired objectives
  • Controlling body movement
  • Things cognition
  • Kinetic balance

Confirming kinetic skill :

Perfection physical skills (synergy, balance, power, Flex ability, speed)

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